Help for Arthritis Sufferers in Hot Tubs

If you've ever experienced the pain of arthritis or have had to watch someone you know and love suffer with it you will be pleased to know the Arthritis Foundation highly recommends the healing properties of hot tubs for its afflicted. People with arthritis have a very difficult time moving and by being submerged in warm water, they are alleviated of some of their discomfort and are even able to get the unimaginable done; they are able to exercise with little discomfort.

As always, with any new activity, if you are an arthritis sufferer and would like to start enjoying the hot tub, please first check with a physician before you begin.

When your doctor has said its okay for you to begin exercising in a hot tub, start off by allowing your body to warm up for several minutes before starting any exercises. This is one of those miracle uses of the hot tub for people with arthritis because not only will they be able to get some exercising in, they will be able to gain muscle by doing so.

It is extremely important to take things slowly when exercising in a hot tub for several reasons; one is because you can strain muscles if you are not properly warmed up before starting, two is the fact that it is possible to over exert yourself in a hot tub by doing too much or doing it for too long to where you become lightheaded and dizzy. Getting to that point won't help any exercising, and it can be detrimental to your over-all health. The third reason to take things slowly happens after you have exercised, keep in mind that now that your muscles have been stretched and worked, it is important to keep them warm for several minutes before getting out of the hot tub to allow your muscles to relax before hitting the cooler air.

For the person who suffers with arthritis, the mere fact that they are able to move with less discomfort in a hot tub or even a swimming pool is nothing shy of miraculous. Those with arthritis are in constant pain and a lot of it has to do with the simple fact that there is a gravitational pull to the earth we live on and that is greatly alleviated if they are submerged in water. Warm water is an added benefit because it will also cause the blood vessels to dilate, which will allow for more blood and oxygen to flow to muscles and skin not to mention the heart.

But it is an activity that if not followed and practiced properly could bring on more problems than were there before. So if you are thinking about getting some exercise in a hot tub where your arthritis will be lessened, don't forget to talk to your doctor first and follow the guidelines that have been presented in order to take the best care of you. A little warm water exercising will go a long way on the road to better health.

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